Crowd Source Your Code Reviews

Code Green Light is taking the time consuming and expensive process of code reviewing your software and making it faster, more accurate, and completely free.

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Secure Code Reviews

By breaking up your code into many logical pieces we can anonymously send all of your code out to the community to get reviewed. Our goal will always be to give just enough context to perform an accurate code review while still keeping as much code anonymity as possible.

Fast Turn-Around

We can ensure your code reviews are completed in a timely manner. No more wasting your skilled developers’ time on reviewing code; the community can get it done much faster.

(100% Code Coverage) x 2

Using our advanced algorithms & code review tools we ensure almost every piece of code in your project is reviewed not only once, but twice. We also ensure that each time a code block is reviewed it is done by different reviewers.

Source Control Integration

Don’t waste time manually uploading code to be reviewed. Code Green Light will automatically connect with your GitHub repositories and pull down specific branches to be reviewed.

Code Review Checklists

By adding items to your check list when setting up your code reviews, you let the community know exactly what types of issues they should look out for. The checklist helps the reviewers make sure they are checking for everything you are concerned about.